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  • Struthers Historical Society Museum

    Struthers Historical Society Museum

    The Struthers Historical Society Museum is located at 45-71 Terrace St, Struthers, OH 44471.

  • Yankee Air Museum

    Yankee Air Museum

    The Yankee Air Museum is located in Bellevue, Michigan (47884 D. Street, Belleville MI 48111 at Willow Run Airport, about 3½ miles West of I-275 and about 1 mile North of I-94 East of Rawsonville Road). The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. Their website is a great resource for learning about the history of flight…

  • Smithfield Museum

    Smithfield Museum

    The Smithfield Museum is located in Smithfield, Utah. It’s currently (February 2022) closed to the public and in a state of transition from a collection of historical artifacts housed in a log cabin on city property. The city and historical society is planning renovations to a building on Smithfield’s main street to serve as home…