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  • Book: Designing Museum Experiences

    Book: Designing Museum Experiences

    “Designing Museum Experiences” is a comprehensive guidebook that delves into the art of creating visitor-centered museums. In this captivating resource, readers will discover how to forge emotional and intellectual connections with museum visitors, stakeholders, and donors. The book recognizes the evolving nature of museums, which are transitioning from static and encyclopedic institutions to interactive spaces…

  • is an online resource dedicated to historic preservation, building restoration, and cultural resource management in the United States and Canada. Their goal is to promote the preservation of historic buildings, downtowns, and neighborhoods, as well as cultural resources, while also fostering communication between professionals in the field and the general public. It aims to…

  • Cities Between

    Cities Between is a web app where you can enter a destination and it lists all the cities between your home and the chosen destination. It also suggests half-way, quarter-way and other planning stops. It’s very handy if you’re planning a road trip.