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  • Taking a Trip on the Schooner

    Taking a Trip on the Schooner

    Messrs and Mesdames W.O. Smith, William Scrowther, Samuel Tout, H.W. Tern, William Sorenson and Carl Hanson took a trip to Logan on the schooner pulled by a Ford car on Monday night and had dinner at the hotel, returning home late in the evening. Smithfield News Items, Logan Republican, 9 Feb 1918, Page 8 In…

  • Much merriment has been caused

    Much merriment has been caused

    Much merriment has been caused of Mrs. by the life size picture of the Kaiser this plac painted in black and white to be used as a target by the gun club on Saturday afternoon in their annual contest. A big dance will be given at night to celebrate the event. The Logan Republican, 9…

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