Local Historical Graphic Arts Support

I have a passion for helping local historical societies and other organizations engage with their local communities. I manage a couple busy shops in the Salt Lake area that can produce a range of display and print materials and love being a part of larger creative projects from concept to promotion.

  1. Logo Design: Create custom logos that incorporate elements of local history or heritage, helping businesses and organizations establish a unique and meaningful brand identity.
  2. Branding and Identity: Develop comprehensive branding packages that reflect the local history and culture, including color schemes, typography, and visual elements that evoke a sense of place.
  3. Print Collateral: Design and produce brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, and other printed materials that showcase the local history, landmarks, or attractions. These can be used for marketing, promotions, or informational purposes.
  4. Exhibit Design: Collaborate with museums, historical societies, or cultural organizations to design engaging and visually appealing exhibits that educate visitors about the local history. This includes signage, display panels, interactive elements, and layout design.
  5. Historical Infographics: Create visually compelling infographics that present historical facts, data, or timelines in an easy-to-understand format. These can be used in educational materials, websites, or social media campaigns.
  6. Website Design: Develop websites that focus on local history, incorporating interactive elements, historical imagery, and storytelling techniques to engage visitors and promote the area’s heritage.
  7. Social Media Graphics: Design eye-catching graphics for social media platforms that highlight historical events, landmarks, or noteworthy individuals from the local history. These can be shared by businesses, museums, or organizations to generate interest and engagement.
  8. Signage and Wayfinding: Design and produce directional signage, interpretive signs, or wayfinding systems that guide visitors through historical districts, trails, or sites. These signs can provide historical context, maps, or points of interest.
  9. Historical Book and Magazine Layout: Provide layout design services for historical books, magazines, or newsletters. Work closely with authors, historians, or organizations to create visually appealing and informative publications.
  10. Educational Materials: Create educational materials for schools, libraries, or historical institutions, including textbooks, activity books, or worksheets that teach students about the local history.
  11. Digital Archives: Assist in digitizing and organizing historical documents, photographs, or audiovisual materials to create online archives. This includes designing user-friendly interfaces and search functionalities for easy access and exploration.
  12. Heritage Tourism Guides: Design visually appealing tourism guides or maps that highlight historical sites, walking tours, museums, and other attractions of local historical significance. These guides can be distributed to visitors or made available online.
  13. Audio: Integrate audio into your museum space with QR codes and guided tours. We can also help organize and digitize oral history collections and make them accessible on the web. We can even help launch and manage a podcast.
  14. Video: Our graphics experience includes video graphics and editing, youtube channel creation and management. Local historical organizations and museums are a perfect topic for vlogs too. Let us help!

By offering expertise in graphic design and a deep understanding of local history, I can help businesses, organizations, and individuals effectively communicate their connection to the community’s heritage.

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